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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mommy Makeover San Francisco Bay Area-Part 3-Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover-Tummy Tuck

Loose abdominal skin and a protruding abdomen are two things with which many women wrestle, especially after bearing children.  Gone is the flat, taut abdomen of their youth.  While breasts can be contained and enhanced with a myriad of patented padded or push-up bras, an overly ample abdomen is more difficult to hide.  Elasticized body slimmers are uncomfortable, limited in what they can accomplish, and definitely not the answer for intimate situations.  A woman can find herself relegated to a closet full of loose, baggy clothing, which can be depressing.

55 yo post pregnancy
Post op photo after mommy makeover.

What is the impact of pregnancy on the abdomen and torso?  The effect of even a five to seven pound fetus carried in the abdomen is extensive stretching of the abdominal wall, with multiple pregnancies having an even more profound effect.  The skin stretches to a point that permanent scars, commonly called stretch marks, occur.  Even years after delivery, the skin remains loose and may even sag so much that an apron of loose skin exists.  If a Caesarian Section has been performed, a ledge may have formed above the incision.  Not only has the skin been stretched, but the underlying abdominal wall has been stretched out as well, resulting in a permanent bulge of the abdomen.

A Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) is the treatment of choice for this condition.  The Tummy Tuck procedure tightens the underlying muscular wall, which flattens the abdomen and pulls in the waist.  Dr. Delgado specializes in an advanced waist tightening procedure which accentuates the waistline even further.  This is an option for patients who wish to have as small a waist as possible.  After the muscle wall is tightened, with Dr. Delgado’s very secure weave technique, the loose abdominal skin is superficially pulled downward, and after the excess skin excised, the skin is sutured into position.   This restores pre-pregnancy tightness to the abdomen. 

Without changing its anatomical position, the belly button is then re-emerged through the tightened abdomen skin. This is where the skill of an experienced surgeon shines. A nice looking belly button is a critical to a successful Tummy Tuck. The incision must be tucked inward, creating an “innie” belly button, and the size must be just right. Dr. Delgado discusses this element of the surgery in detail with the patient pre-operatively.

An extra benefit of a Tummy Tuck is that much, but not all, of the stretch marks are removed with the excision of the excess skin.  The lower abdominal stretch marks are the ones primarily impacted; stretch marks on the upper abdomen and torso will remain.  So, not only does the abdomen regain a firm, youthful profile, but with the removal of many of the stretch marks, the appearance of the skin is improved as well.

Join us for part Mommy Makeover San Francisco Part 4-Liposuction next months.

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