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Monday, January 27, 2014

Mommy Makeover - Critical Information Before Surgery

Mommy Makeover - Important Information About the Surgery

San Francisco | Marin | Sonoma | Napa | California - Mommy Makeover is really a term used by cosmetic or plastic surgeons to describe a certain combination of procedures done concurrently. The purpose of
Mommy makeover san francisco, marin, sonoma, napa

these operations should be to repair the woman’s physique as well as measurements to what she enjoyed before the impact of pregnancy along with nursing your baby. Combining these procedures is something that has been practiced for a long time. The technologies is not new, yet there has been refinement with the gold standard techniques because they are conducted during a single operative setting. There happen to be significant upgrades in anesthesia, the reduction of loss of blood, and in prevention of serious risks, for instance blood clots leading to pulmonary embolism (thrombus which move and lodge within the respiratory system).
The Mommy Makeover combination commonly encompasses a breast augmentation , a breasts lift or perhaps sometimes both. In some cases, it could be a breast reduction. In addition to the breast surgery is a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction for sculpting. Mommy Makeover procedures are customized to the individual patient’s needs.
The subsequent flow charts have a independent category for every section of the Mommy Makeover; they can be used to aid a female in studying the alternative ideas designed for the woman’s scenario.


Breast Enhancement

It is common for a woman’s breast area to change form and lose volume as a consequence of having a baby and nursing. Breast enhancement is among the most frequent operations performed by cosmetic or plastic surgeons in the country today , and either saline or silicone implants will regain volume to the breast area. Breast implant surgery is definitely the most simple breasts procedure for a Mommy Makeover as a result of small incision combined with minimal recovery time. Refer towards the flow chart to discover if perhaps breast augmentation is the ideal treatment.

Breast Surgery

1. A breast lift (mastopexy) moves the breast area higher on the chest wall
2. Short Scar or lollipop incision
3. Peri-areolar incision, although this approach normally needs a breasts implant, as it can have a flattening outcome.
A breast lift is indicated if the nipples have shifted in to a lower location, and can even be pointing down, rather than in a forward location. The kind of lift which is chosen is based on the distance the nipple-areolar complex is required to be lifted as well as the quantity of loose skin that’s present. The reason for a breast lift should be to give the breasts an added younger looking configuration.
Breast Augmentation with a Lift
To be able to reclaim or even increase fullness for their breasts, a number of women may choose breast enlargement being done in addition to a breasts lift. The effects of childbearing along with breastfeeding on the breasts often contributes to decreased breast volume. A breast lift alone may not achieve the volume a women desires which is when breast augmentation provide you with the best answer. Breast implants can be added to any of these breasts lift approaches. The outcome will be elevated youthful breasts together with breasts volume individually adjusted for each and every woman.
Breast Reduction
A woman with very large breasts previous to getting pregnant may find her breasts have retained their size, yet possess a less appealing, more elongated structure following having a baby. Many of those women elect to have a breast reduction along with their Mommy Makeover. For these women, a breast reduction creates breasts that’re smaller, roundly shaped, and lifted. In certain cases, the breast reduction part of the Mommy Makeover may perhaps be paid by medical health insurance.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

The Tummy Tuck is the core procedure of the Mommy Makeover, as the visual appearance of the midsection is often the main objective for the person. Pregnancy expands the abdomen wall and irreversibly stretches out the skin. This results in a protruding abdomen along with loose skin that is damaged with striae and sometimes a misshapen belly button. Multiple pregnancies and twin pregnancies only amplify these changes. If a c-section has been done, this might lead to additional distortion of the tummy. After a while, some c-section scars will establish a over-hanging shelf of fatty skin and tissue. The Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty operation will establish a brand new incision, revise any kind of undesirable c-section scare tissue, tighten the inner abdominal wall structure, make a more desirable belly button, and remove any looseness of the tummy skin. At least a lot of the stretch mark scars are going to be eliminated with the removal of needless skin which is part of the Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty surgery. The effect can result in spectacular and long-lasting.



Liposuction surgery is conducted in conjunction with the Tummy Tuck to accentuate the midsection and add definition to the tummy. This is a crucial part of any Mommy Makeover. A very well shaped midsection integrates into your flattened abdomen in a natural way. Moreover, a narrowed waistline enhances the particular proportions produced by the breasts procedure. The result is a body which looks similar to what the client had just prior to having a baby or pregnancies.
The patient may have issue standing up straight approximately one week as a consequence of skin being stretched and neatly sewn. As the patient is increasingly capable of stand erect, the tummy takes on a firm, contoured overall look. Bruising will likely be present for about two weeks, however puffiness has a tendency to persist 2-3 weeks longer which is
dependent on the sum of liposuction performed. Pain medication, and also commonly a pain pump, is provided by the surgeon for pain management. It as much as 6 months before the final operative outcome is fully apparent.
The Mommy Makeover constitutes probably the most tough recoveries in the realm of aesthetic plastic surgery. Comprehensive pre-operative along with post-operative education of the patient as well as the woman’s family are crucial to get a smooth and successful recovery. The early matters are actually pain manage, very early ambulation, and management of the dressings combined with drains. By the 2nd week, the patient is rather comfortable with walking, eating, and travel to the doctor’s practice for examinations. With the third 7 days will come the largest improvements for the patient’s return to her regular routines. She will be able to drive, return to work, and perform almost all household duties. Once six weeks of healing have been completed, the patient can continue formal exercising, if desirable.


As with every operations, you’ll find risks included. The potential risks include blood loss, infections, minimal complications with the incision or perhaps belly button, as well as unwanted side effects of general anesthesia. Probably the most dreaded complication is blood clots (thromboembolism) and in addition the spreading of blood clots into the lung area (pulmonary embolus). This complication has caused loss of life, and for that reason, plastic surgeons take great caution in getting ready the patient for surgery treatment and teaching a patient and family. Not every clients are candidates to the procedures being executed in a single operative setting. Depending on the patient’s overall health and choices, the procedures could possibly be completed in a couple stages.


Mommy Makeover price varies greatly, it depends on the patient desires and also the various combinations of the procedures performed. In general, the most basic Mommy Makeover procedure will cost about $18,000, with more complicated and extensive surgical procedures.

San Francisco plastic surgery specialist with offices in S.F. and Marin County, California. Dr. Delgado is certified by the Am. Board of Plastic Surgery. He specializes in face lift surgery, all breast surgery, and body contouring  such as liposuction, tummy tuck, and mommy makeover.  Dr. Delgado is a mommy makeover specialist. Please visit his website for more information and view the many before and after photos. Call Today 415-898-4161 or email for a in office consultation or a virtual consultation.


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